iRacing 2012 Season 2

With season 1 coming to a close this week and season 2 starting up on May 1st I’ve been checking out the available series’ trying to decide what to race. iRacing is releasing the new Cadillac CTS-V on April 24. However they are putting it in the Rookie Class level, which really ticks me off. So, that will not be an option for a full-time effort.

We’ll also have a new road course in the form of Twin Ring Motegi, a very cool Japanese track.

Some changes are being made in the multiclass series’ but the Corvette is still not going to have its own. The Skip Barber Formula 2000 car, an open-wheeler that’s a lot of fun, has a great schedule of tracks for season 2, and something I will consider doing full-time.

The Mustang also has a great schedule and is also something I’m seriously considering running full-time.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not going to race in the NASCAR Late Model Series again. This season was a blast and I’m looking at finishing up the Time Trial series in 3rd place and may manage a top 5 finish in the Race series point standings. However, as much as I love short track racing, my goal is to improve at road racing and that is what I’ll be focusing my limited amount of time on.

I’ll be making final decisions soon.

On another front, SimHQ seems to have lost its desire to run a full “championship” series and is barely able to attract drivers for it’s Fun Series currently under way. The last race was cancelled when only 5 or 6 of us showed up. Today’s race doesn’t look like it will do much better. We’ll know in a few hours. Therefore I’ve begun searching for another private league to run with. Not an easy task with my limited time for racing.

One possibilty may be Revelation Racing, a new series being started up that seems to be well funded if nothing else. I’ve joined the discussions in hopes of something coming out of this that I can race. Check them out here…  Revelation Racing Series

I may have to give up on the private league thing altogether if another can’t be found. That may not be so bad as it would allow me even more time to focus on iRacing’s official series’. We’ll see.

Now, let’s go racing!

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~ by Lowell on April 21, 2012.


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